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The Holocaust is one the most widely examined events in modern history. Adolf Hitler was a political/war theorist. It is easy to stop the examination of this time in history at the onslaught of hearin... Read more
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Up to 1928 there had been uncertainty in Germany, with the Wall Street crash of 1929 this uncertainty became reality as the Weimar Republic fell and Hitler took power. The crushing blows of the Treaty... Read more
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By the death of the last President of the Weimar Republic, Paul von Hindenburg, in 1934 Adolph Hitler had managed to assert his power so much that there was very little, credible alternatives to compe... Read more
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In 1929 a great depression hit the United-States and afterwards it hit Europe in 1930. It became the deepest depression of the industrial age. The charismatic Adolf Hitler used the fears of the peop... Read more
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On the surface, it would certainly seem that Nazi rule brought about many benefits to Germany. Hitler was largely successful in eliminating unemployment, which was considered a great improvement among... Read more
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1. The main features of Nazi education: § Its purpose was to create the future generation, who are true believers and blindly loyal followers of Hitler by the time they reached adulthood. &#1... Read more
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Adolf Hitler (leader of the Nazi party) gained support throughout the 1920s and was eventually appointed Chancellor of Germany by Hindenburg on January 30th 1933, and became dictator on March 23, 1933... Read more
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The early '30s brought with it the rise of Nazi Germany. The Nazis started out as a small political party, but after presenting countless pieces of propaganda, it rose in power tremendously and bec... Read more
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Whilst Germany appeared a totalitarian and ordered society, internally it was chaotic consumed with struggles for power. The overwhelming majority of Germany conformed to Nazi rule as it was a welcom... Read more
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In order for the Nazis to maintain control in Germany, they had to employ aspects or features of Totalitarianism. Most of these features are methods of Social Control. These methods are Propaganda, Ed... Read more
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To what extent could Nazi Germany be considered a totalitarian state in the period 1933-1942? From Hitler's election to power in January 1933, Nazi Germany although exhibiting totalitarian element... Read more