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Nature Mathematics is widespread in nature, and mathematical concepts are essential to understanding the biosphere, the rocks and oceans, and the atmosphere. This article explores a few examples. The ... Read more
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Nature This entry consists of the following articles: Religious and Philosophical Speculations Worship of Nature Read more
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Nature Nature is defined in the dictionary as the totality of physical reality, or the total system of spatiotemporal phenomena and events, or as real and objective existence. It has also been defined... Read more
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Balance of Nature The ideal of a balance of nature is based on a view of the natural world that is largely an artifact created by the temporal, spatial, and cultural filters through which humans res... Read more
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Nature The word nature stems from the Latin natura, whose meaning ranges from "birth" to "the order of things." In English, nature comprises all plants, animals, and ecos... Read more
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Nature Thinking about science, technology, and ethics easily raises questions about nature. Science considers whether and how nature can be understood. Technology considers whether and how humans can ... Read more