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Moon Our solitary and prominent Moon orbits Earth at a mean distance of only 382,000 kilometers (236,840 miles). The nearest planet, Venus, is never closer than 40 million kilometers (25 million miles... Read more
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Moon MOON. To observers on earth, the moon appears to be the most changeable of celestial phenomena. In earlier times the appearance of the new crescent was often greeted with joy as a return of the m... Read more
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Moon The Moon's surface. U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Reflecting light from the Sun, the Moon is often th... Read more
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Moon The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. It has a diameter of 2,158.9 mi (3,475.9 km), lies at a mean distance from the Earth of 238,760 mi (384,404 km), and completes one orbit aroun... Read more
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Moon Humans have been observing the Moon since ancient times in hopes of explaining the mysteries of its movements, topography, origin, and composition. Early records of lunar study date back to 2200 ... Read more