Middle of Nowhere Summary
Ridley Pearson

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Middle of Nowhere Summary

The themes of loyalty and duty run as counterpoints to the exploitation and manipulation of cops and criminals in Middle of Nowhere. The corrupt cops trade in the duty and responsibility signified by their shields for easy money and the betrayal of their fellow officers and their community.

The people of Seattle live in fear as a result of the Blue Flu: "The Blue Flu was lending the criminal element courage. While the cat's away, the mice do play. . . . The city ran wild with crime while his [Boldt's] coworkers willingly stayed home awaiting policy change." The needs of the community are superseded by the needs of one particular group. Pearson shows this by giving the cases of two of the Flu's victims, Cathy Kawamoto and Anthony Brumewell. Both are caught by Flek's scheme and robbed and assaulted. Cathy is a Japanese girl who lives with her sister and...

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