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Eighteenth-Century Meteorological Theory and Experiment Overview Eighteenth-century meteorological study in Europe marked interest in methodical observations on a larger scale, providing a more system... Read more
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The Bergen School of Dynamic Meteorology and Its Dissemination Overview Meteorology as a modern science evolved after the beginning of the twentieth century, from nineteenth-century origins as a subdi... Read more
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Meteorology Meteorology is a science that studies the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere. Accordingly, a person who studies the atmosphere is called a meteorologist. Meteorology consists of man... Read more
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Meteorology Meteorology is the science that investigates the physical processes occurring in Earth's atmosphere related to weather and climate. The knowledge obtained from the study of atmospheric con... Read more
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Meteorology Meteorology is the study of all atmospheric phenomena, but it tends to direct most of its attention to the weather. The term "weather" refers mainly to atmospheric phenomena that change ov... Read more
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Meteorology Meteorology is derived from the Greek words meteora meaning things in the air or things above, and logy meaning science or discourse. It is a branch of physics concerned with the study and... Read more