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Medical Ethics MEDICAL ETHICS. Religious beliefs are central to the process of deliberation in medical ethics. An awareness of the rich diversity of perspectives both within and among different religi... Read more
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Ethical Issues of Modern Genetics Modern genetics poses some of the most significant ethical problems that science has ever faced. As a result of recent advances, scientists are now able to engineer l... Read more
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Medical Ethics From the beginning of the history of medicine, healers have had to deal with questions of ethics. However, the separate discipline of medical ethics has existed for less than 50 years, ... Read more
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Medical Ethics Medical ethics is the most prominent branch of the broader field of bioethics. In general, medical ethics concerns itself with issues arising in the relationship between a health care p... Read more
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Medical Ethics A basis for medical ethics can be found in the Hippocratic oath. These ethics, in sum, emphasize that doctors should keep confidences, soothe their patients' suffering, and not o... Read more
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A BABY GIRL is born in Boston, nearly dead as she enters the world. While still in her mother's womb, she has suffered severe asphyxia, or lack of oxygen. As a result, the baby—called Baby L. in... Read more
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Physicians have always been confronted with life-and-death choices—having to make difficult decisions is part of the responsibility of being a doctor. But the predicaments that doctors find them... Read more