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Poles, Magnetic and Geographic Many people do not realize that there are several different "north poles." The most familiar is the north geographic pole. The north magnetic pole is not t... Read more
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Magnet The black isometric mineral, magnetite, is among the most abundant of the Earth's minerals and can be found in beach sand, in meteorites, and in the natural abrasive emery. The naturally magnet... Read more
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Magnetic Poles Magnetic poles are the positive and negative sides of a magnetic system. Unlike electric charges, which can be separated into positive charges that have no corresponding negative charge... Read more
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Magnetic Pole The knowledge that some rocks, such as lodestone, could attract iron has been attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Thales. He had no explanation for the phenomena; he merely noted... Read more
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Magnetic Separation An on-going problem of environmental significance is solid waste disposal. As the land needed to simply throw out solid wastes becomes less available, recycling becomes a greater p... Read more
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Figure 1. Electromagnetic suspension: two views. Magnetism and Magnets Magnetism is the phenomenon in which iron is attracted to a natural material called lodestone, the properties of which are... Read more