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Lipids Lipids are a group of compounds that are rich in carbon-hydrogen bonds and are generally insoluble in water. The main categories are glycerolipids, sterols, and waxes. Glycerolipids have fatty ... Read more
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Lipids and Lipid Metabolism A lipid is a molecule that is at least partially composed of a chain of hydrocarbons--carbons in association with hydrogen molecules. Hydrocarbon chains tend to exclude wat... Read more
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Lipids Lipids belong to a broad class of animal- and plant-derived compounds which include fats and oils. They are insoluble in water because they are composed primarily of long chains of hydrocarbons... Read more
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Lipids Lipids are a group of organic compounds characterized by their presence in plants and animals, and their insolubility in water. They are extracted from cells using solvents such as ether or ben... Read more
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Lipids The lipids are one of four major families of biochemical compounds, the other three being carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids. Biochemical compounds are organic (carbon-containing) compo... Read more