Land of Loss Summary
K. A. Applegate

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Land of Loss Summary

Land of Loss is the second novel of Everworld, and while it can be read and enjoyed apart from the first book, Searchfor Senna, reading the first book would clarify why four high schoolers are fighting for their lives in an ancient Aztec city that is inhabited by a god who eats people's hearts.

This is no ordinary god; this is Huitzilopoctli, a monster of evil. In Search for Senna, David describes him: He was shaped like a man. Blue, the blue of the sky late on a summer day. His face was striped horizontally with bands of blue and yellow. Around his eyes were glittering white stars, stars that seemed real and hot and explosive.

Iridescent feathers grew from his head, spreading down across his shoulders and back. In his left hand he held a disk, a mirror that smoked and burned. In the right hand was...

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