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Land Girls Summary

The British government organized a corps of "land girls" to replace male farm workers who had been drafted as soldiers, sailors, and airmen to fight World War II. Domestic agriculture was vital to the British war effort because the island nation could no longer rely on imported foodstuffs getting through from Europe or America.

Land Girls tells how the young women Prue, Ag, and Stella begin their land army assignment with high spirits but a certain amount of trepidation. The Lawrences' remote farmstead seems as alien as the moon to this trio of lively and spirited girls.

Land Girls is the story of their year of gritty toil, grueling hours, and small epiphanies on the farm. Mr. Lawrence, their host, doubts they can do the work at all; with only minimal instruction, they start out milking cows and driving tractors. When it is time to shovel out the...

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