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David Arnold

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Kids of Appetite Overview

David Arnold's Kids of Appetite is the story of two teens who meet by chance and help each other on the path of self-discovery. Vic is a 16-year-old Jersey kid with a rare neurological disorder who is still reeling from the death of his father two years ago. Mad is a 17-year-old Jersey girl who lost her parents in a tragic car crash and now lives with her abusive uncle. Vic and Mad's destinies are forever changed when their paths collide one night by the Hudson River. When Mad adopts Vic into her gang, a group of sassy, ragtag kids living in a greenhouse, Vic finds himself embarking on a quest with his new friends to complete his dad's final wish-list. Told through Vic and Mad’s alternating point of views, and interwoven with police interviews about the murder of Mad’s uncle, Kids of Appetite explores themes like family, loss, art, uniqueness, love, beauty, and hidden truths.

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