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Just-War Debate Just-war theory focuses on two issues: the justice of the decision to wage war and the justice of war conduct. About the war decision, just-war theorists require that decision makers h... Read more
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Just War The term just war refers to the major moral tradition of Western culture that deals with the justification and limitation of the use of force by public authority. Just war tradition has parti... Read more
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Just War Theory In traditional just war theory there are two basic elements: an account of just cause and an account of just means. Just cause is usually specified as follows: (1) There must be subst... Read more
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Peace, War, and Philosophy Speculation about war and peace as conditions of interstate relations has tended to divide thinkers into two groups—those who regard war as inevitable, perhaps even d... Read more
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Peace, War, and Philosophy [addendum] The nuclear threat that preoccupied Bertrand Russell receded into the background during the Vietnam War. After that war's end in 1975, the risk of a nuclea... Read more