Invisible Emmie Summary
Libenson, Terri

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Invisible Emmie Overview

Invisible Emmie is a graphic novel about a day in the life of a middle school girl. Emmie is a funny, creative girl who has painful social anxiety that causes her to retreat into herself and fear the judgement of her peers at all times. She goes through her life trying to make as little noise as possible, so that no one will see her. But, when she and her best friend, Brianna, decide to write love-letters to their crushes as a joke, Emmie's whole invisible life goes up in flames. After her note is found by a bully and passed around to the entire school, Emmie finds herself at the center of school gossip. However, her worst nightmare turns out to be an important instigator of transformative change, and Emmie ends her day with more friends and more self-confidence than ever before. Along the way, the novel explores reality, fantasy, art, family, identity, and the best way to get rid of a bully.

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