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Are Ice Age Cycles of the Northern Hemisphere Driven by Processes in the Southern Hemisphere? Viewpoint: Yes, ice age cycles of the Northern Hemisphere are driven by complex forces in the Southern Hem... Read more
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Ice Ages The ice ages were periods in Earth's history during which significant portions of the earth's surface were covered by glaciers and extensive fields of ice. Scientists often use ... Read more
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Ice Age Ice age usually refers to the Pleistocene epoch, the most recent occurrence of continental glaciation. Beginning several million years ago in Antarctica, it is marked by at least four major ad... Read more
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Ice Age Refugia The series of ice ages that occurred between 2.4 million and 10,000 years ago had a dramatic effect on the climate and the life forms in the tropics. During each glacial period the tro... Read more
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The Discovery of Global Ice Ages by Louis Agassiz Overview Today, the concept of thick ice sheets covering large portions of the globe is a familiar one. We now know that ice sheets advance and retrea... Read more