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European Strike Wave Europe 1865 Synopsis The Industrial Revolution, which began in England in the late 1700s, spread eastward across the European continent and into Russia by the late 1800s. Througho... Read more
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The Enlightenment. The cultural movement known as the Enlightenment emerged in the late seventeenth century as a reaction against two dominant institutions: the Roman Catholic Church and the absolutis... Read more
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Circa 4 Million-1 Million B.C.E. Circa 1.5 Million-200,000 B.C.E. Circa 1,000,000-10,000 B.C.E. Circa 250,000 B.C.E. Circa 40,000 B.C.E. Circa 8OOO B.C.E. 5000 B.C.E. Circa 4000-3500 B.C.E. Circa 300... Read more
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European Religious Prospects. By the eighteenth century, European Christianity in general, and the Roman Catholic Church in particular, had largely recovered from the political and moral difficulties ... Read more
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Two Revolutions. The French Revolution of 1789 and the Industrial Revolution had major repercussions in the modern era, not only on political and economic history but also on European family and socia... Read more
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Between Two Wars. Two world wars serve to frame the historical era between 1750 and 1914: the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), whose American component was the French and Indian War (1754-1763), and the ... Read more
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Monarchies. In 1750 all the major states of Europe except Great Britain were headed by monarchies in which one man theoretically held absolute authority. Over the course of the eighteenth, nineteenth,... Read more
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New Era. In 1750 the British Isles and the European continent were on the verge of enormous change. Innovations in farming would increase the food supply; more children would survive childhood; the po... Read more
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Growing Interdependence. During the nineteenth century a series of technological innovations and political transformations dramatically reshaped communications at a global level. As a result of indust... Read more
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1750* 1750-1754 1752 1753 1754 1757 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763 1765 1767 1768 1769 1770 1771 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777 1780 1781 1782 1783 1787 1788 1789 1792 1793 1794 1795 1796-1804 1796 1798 1800 180... Read more
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Time of Change. The period from 1750 to 1914 was truly revolutionary for Europe. First, the economic base was transformed by industrialism, which caused state societies to become predominantly urban f... Read more