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Angela Duckworth

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Grit Overview

In Grit, a popular psychology book by Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the author exposes the pitfalls of talent and the importance of perseverance in achievement. She uses real-life examples, such as the experience of West Point cadets trying to survive a grueling seven-week summer training course that marks their introduction to the academy, to show that in situations that tax people mentally, physically, and psychologically, hard work and passion pay off. Duckworth speaks about her realizations as a teacher, when she saw students who were "naturals" not perform as well as diligent students, to begin to define what grit is--it is both passion and perseverance. She writes about the four components of grit--interest, passion, purpose, and hope--to show that people can develop grit from the inside out. By dedicating themselves to a steadfast purpose over time and using a system of dedicated practice in which they fine-tune each element of their practice, people can become grittier. They can also surround themselves with gritty leaders, teachers, and coaches to develop the grit that the author shows is far more important to success than any measure of innate talent.