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Alan Gratz

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Grenade Overview

Grenade, a novel by Alan Gratz, is the story of Hideki, a 14-year-old boy who lives in Okinawa with his family until the war between Japan and America comes to his country. Inducted into a student army, Hideki is running away from the fighting when a chance encounter pits him against Ray Majors, a private in the United States Marines. Ray is far from home and also running away. Startled by Hideki, Ray fires his gun. In response, Hideki discharges one of his two grenades, killing Ray. As the novel continues, Hideki manages to reunite with his sister, and he saves some children. He learns about himself, his country, and the men who are fighting each other while destroying Hideki's home. The novel's main themes are the power of propaganda, the effects of war, and cultural beliefs.
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