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Walter Mosley

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Gone Fishin' Summary

Easy's "real war" is the moral and philosophical soul-searching he goes through in Pariah. It takes him from naive perceptions of truth to adult realizations about survival in an imperfect world. Gone Fishin' is Easy's philosophical coming-of-age story, but readers familiar with the mystery series will find the typical introspection about moral complexities that a racist situation renders harder to resolve. Easy dates the outset of his spiritual journey from his father's disappearance and his mother's death. Coming to terms with childhood abandonment is a critical part of Easy's maturation process.

Getting over his passive and tenderhearted nature is another. Mouse accuses Easy of being too "sweet an' sensitive" to swat swamp insects. Momma Jo succeeds in a seduction Easy does not want. Easy is sickened by seeing many fish stunned by Mouse's gunshot into a pond, partly because their deaths stir his sense of victimization of the...

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