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Gold and Silver GOLD AND SILVER are among the most widespread symbols in the history of religions. Their exceptional physical qualities make them—like their celestial counterparts, the sun and ... Read more
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Gold Gold is one of the transition metals, a group of elements found in the center of the periodic table in Rows 4, 5, and 6 between Groups 2 and 13. Its atomic number is 79, its atomic mass is 196.96... Read more
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Gold Gold is a metal element which has the atomic number 79, and an atomic weight of 196.9665. Its atomic symbol is Au which comes from its Latin name, aurum, for "shining dawn." It is relatively abun... Read more
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Gold Symbol Au Atomic Number 79 Atomic Mass 196.9665 Family Group 11 (Ib) Transition Metal Pronunciation GOLD Overview Gold has been called the most beautiful of all chemical elements. Its beauty has... Read more