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Kathleen Glasgow

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Girl in Pieces Overview

In Girl in Pieces, a novel by Kathleen Glasgow, Charlotte “Charlie” Davis is a girl who has experienced much of the worst that life has to offer. After her father commits suicide, Charlie's mother kicks her out of the house. Charlie is forced to live on the street where she is almost raped by a stranger. Then, she finds herself at the mercy of a man selling underage girls for sex. Additionally, Charlie feels guilty for her best friend's brain injury. Not quite 18 years of age, Charlie has had a horrific life. Suffering from intense emotional pain, she turns to self-mutilation by cutting her arms, stomach, and thighs. When she almost bleeds to death, Charlie finds herself in a psychiatric hospital. She has a chance to get a new start in life, but Charlie must overcome her past to move forward. The novel addresses themes such as coming of age, self-mutilation by cutting, interpreting self-mutilation, and the therapeutic nature of art.

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