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Laura Spinella

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Ghost Gifts Overview

Laura Spinell's Ghost Gifts is the story of Aubrey Ellis, a young woman who has inherited her family's special ability to communicate with the dead, even when she does not want to do so. As a teenager, Aubrey has a brief, ghostly encounter with a young woman who had been murdered. The woman tries to convey the identity of her killer, but it takes Aubrey more than 20 years and a string of related events to put the message together. As Aubrey helps bring a killer to justice, she finds comfort in a relationship with a man who accepts her uncanny ability and does not see it as a hurdle to overcome. The novel explores themes such as the acceptance of Aubrey's special ability, the effects of the past on future lives, and the handling of unfinished business. Additionally, the author employs red herrings as a motif throughout the story line.