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George Boole. Boole, George English Mathematician 1815–1864 George Boole was a mathematician whose work in symbolic logic laid new foundations for modern algebra, and set the stage for c... Read more
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Boole, George British Mathematician 1815–1864 Digital logic is the set of rules applied to data (numbers, symbols, words) that are entered into a computer. These instructions direct computers a... Read more
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George Boole and the Algebra of Logic Overview Until the English mathematician George Boole (1815-1864) came along in the nineteenth century, logic was regarded as a branch of philosophy. By codifying... Read more
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George Boole 1815-1864 English Mathematician George Boole was an English mathematician who was among the founders of modern symbolic logic. His algebra of logic, which has come to be called Boolean al... Read more
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Boole George Boole (1815–1864) was the founder of modern mathematical logic. Nevertheless, few of his ideas are currently accepted in mainstream logic in the forms originally proposed by him. H... Read more
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Boole, George(1815–1864) George Boole, an English mathematician and logician, is regarded by many logicians as the founder of mathematical logic. He could be called the Galileo of logic in that... Read more