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Geological Time Scale Geologic Time Scale Era Period Epoch Significant Events Million Years Before Present Cenozoic Quartenary Holocene recorded human history, rise and fall of civilization... Read more
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Geologic Timescale Era Period Epoch started (millions of years ago) Cenozoic 66.4 millions of years ago-present time Quaternary Holocene 0.01 Pleistocene 1.6 Tertiary Neogene Pliocen... Read more
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Geologic Time There are several different ways that Earth scientists consider time. Geologic time is generally thought of as the period of time that begins with the initial formative processes of Eart... Read more
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Geologic Time Geologic time describes the immense span of time—billions of years-revealed in the complex rock surface of the Earth. Geochronology is the science of finding out how old rocks and ... Read more