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Disease, Genetics Of Genetics is believed to play a role in almost every human disease. Even for diseases traditionally described as environmental, such as tuberculosis and HIV, scientists are discove... Read more
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Growth Disorders Growth, which usually refers to skeletal growth since it determines final adult height, is an extremely complex process. As such, it is susceptible to a wide range of genetic and phys... Read more
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Triplet Repeat Disease Trinucleotide, or triplet repeats, consist of three consecutive nucleotides that are repeated within a region of DNA (for example, CCG CCG CCG CCG CCG). Expansion of a triple... Read more
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Genetic Diseases Even at birth the whole individual is destined to die, and perhaps his organic disposition may already contain the indication of what he is to die from. —Sigmund Freud, 1924 ... Read more
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Inherited Diseases The human genome is composed of roughly three billion DNA base pairs. Each somatic cell of the body contains two copies of the entire genome, one inherited from the mother through t... Read more
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Genetic Disorders and Diseases Variations within the DNA sequence of a particular gene affect its function, and may cause or predispose an individual a particular disease. Alterations in the genome ma... Read more
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Hereditary Diseases Virtually all diseases involve genetic factors to some extent. Diseases that appear to result from simple mutations of single genes are often referred to as hereditary diseases, an... Read more
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History of Genetics: Selected Studies on the Impact of Genetic Diseases Though nearly all present scientific understanding of genetic diseases has been accomplished in the past century; the diseases t... Read more
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Polygenic Inheritance and Disorders The inheritance of polygenic traits depends upon the interaction of two or more genes. This is sometimes confused with the idea of multiple alleles, which are just ... Read more
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Single-Gene Disorders Single-gene disorders, also called monogenic disorders, are defects caused by a mutant allele of a single gene that results in the functional loss of a protein. Single-gene disor... Read more
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Statistical Analysis of Genetic Syndromes Because of computer technologies, genetics has benefited during the past 20 years from specific and complex explanations of the mechanisms leading to genetic ... Read more
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Genetic Disorders Conditions with a link to the individual's genetic make-up. Genetic disorders are conditions that can be traced to an individual's heredity. Many of these disorders are... Read more