Futuretrack 5 Summary
Robert Westall

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Futuretrack 5 Summary

Futuretrack 5 examines the divisions within contemporary society: differences in educational background, personal wealth, class standing, technological ability, and employment status.

These attributes determine who is privileged and who is underprivileged.

Westall presents a future Britain where the wealthy Ests, or upper-middle classes, enjoy a pleasant and luxurious existence at the expense of the underclass Unnems who live a life of urban violence and poverty. This country is obviously a fantastic anti-utopia where advanced technology and military police keep the general public under control. But in this depiction of a horrible tomorrow, we can see how our own prejudices influence and divide people.

These biases often determine how we run our schools, colleges, courts, and police forces. Futuretrack 5 examines the conflict from a democratic point of view, one with great sympathy for individual human needs.

The main character Henry Kitson finds he, like many in their late teens, must...

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