First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong Summary
James R. Hansen

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When Neil Armstrong became the first human on the Moon, he uttered the famous words: "That's one small step for man . . . one giant leap for mankind." Armstrong, Neil Ameri... Read more
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Neil Alden Armstrong 1930- American Astronaut, Test Pilot, and Engineer Neil Armstrong enjoyed a distinguished career as a research test pilot before becoming a NASA astronaut in 1962. After leaving N... Read more
1,075 words, approx. 4 pages
Armstrong, Neil (1930- ) American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human to stand on the Moon. The former test pilot's lunar stroll on July 20, 1969 marked the pinnacle of the most ambiti... Read more
3,416 words, approx. 12 pages
Neil Armstrong Born August 5, 1930 (Wapakoneta, Ohio) American astronaut In 1957, the former Soviet Union launched the first Sputnik satellite (an object that orbits in space) to study the atmosphere ... Read more
1,855 words, approx. 7 pages
Neil Armstrong Born August 5, 1930, Near Wapakoneta, Ohio When Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969, he captured the attention of the world. A feat that had been thought... Read more
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