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Family Family is the taxonomic rank between order and genus. A number of related genera make up one family. A number of related families are then grouped into an order, a higher rank that therefore re... Read more
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Family FAMILY is vitally important to most religious traditions in two closely interconnected ways: Various ritual processes enacted by, to, and for the family help to create and sustain it as well as... Read more
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Family A level of classification in the taxonomic system, a family is a group of similar genera, and related families are grouped together in the same order. Classification is based on levels of simil... Read more
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Family, Socio-Ethno-Genetic Concepts The concept of family extends across virtually all cultures and all documented time periods, and family structures organize groups as diverse as primitive hunter/g... Read more
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Family and Household Structure The family system of the United States is often characterized as consisting of nuclear-family households—that is, households consisting of no more than the parent... Read more
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Family and Religion Social scientific notions of the disappearance or vestigialization of religion and family are deeply rooted in our theoretical conceptions of the social processes that created the ... Read more
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Kinship Systems and Family Types Kinship systems are mechanisms that link conjugal families (and individuals not living in families) in ways that affect the integration of the general social structure... Read more
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Family The family is one of a number of basic social institutions that have been subjected to scientific study and affected by changes in science and technology. Because of the fundamental role the fa... Read more
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Family Two or more people related to each other by genetics, adoption, marriage, or in some interpretations, by mutual agreement. Family is broadly defined as any two people who are related to each ot... Read more