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Erosion Erosion is the reduction or breakdown of landforms exposed to the forces of weathering (disintegration and decomposition). Weathering and subsequent erosion may be caused by both chemical or m... Read more
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Blow-Out A blow-out occurs where the soil is left unprotected to the erosive force of the wind. Blow-outs commonly occur as depressional areas, once enough soil has been removed. They most often occur... Read more
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Erodible Susceptible to erosion or the movement of soil or earth particles due to the primary forces of wind, moving water, ice and gravity. Tillage implements may also move soil particles, but this t... Read more
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Erosion Erosion is the wearing away of the land surface by running water, wind, ice, or other geologic agents, including such processes as gravitational creep. The term geologic erosion refers to th... Read more
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Soil Loss Tolerance Soil loss tolerance is the maximum average annual soil removal by erosion that will allow continuous cropping and maintain soil productivity (T). It is occasionally defined as th... Read more