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Endangered Species An endangered species is one that is likely to become extinct throughout all or part of its geographic range unless steps are taken to prevent its loss. Many of the species currentl... Read more
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Endangered Species, Measuring The U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one of the most important and controversial legislative acts in recent years. This law requires the use of specific measures to p... Read more
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Endangered Species An endangered species is a species that is in immediate danger of becoming extinct. The designation of endangered to a species means that there is still time to save it but once it ... Read more
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Extinction and Endangered Species Earth is a biosphere, a globe richly supplied with different types of living organisms, including animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. Living organisms are named and... Read more
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Endangered Plants and Ecosystems Well over half the threatened and endangered species listed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are plants. There are a total of 714 threatened and endangered flow... Read more
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Endangered Mammals The majority of threatened and endangered mammals are imperiled for the same reasons as other biological species—habitat destruction, pollution, competition with invasive spe... Read more
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Endangered Species Some species adapt to natural changes in their environment such as climate change and increased competition from other species. The two to four million plants and animals that exist... Read more
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Endangered Species An "endangered species" under United States law (the Endangered Species Act [1973]) is a creature "in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant por... Read more
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Rare Species A species that is uncommon, few in number, or not abundant. A species can be rare and not necessarily be endangered or threatened, for example, an organism found only on an island or one ... Read more
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Protecting endangered species is both a scientific and a political challenge. Scientists differ on how many species are heading for extinction, and therefore whether the world faces a crisis of extinc... Read more
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IN BRAZIL, FARMERS clearing land for planting crops are destroying the habitat of the golden lion tamarin, a South American monkey, driving it to the edge of extinction. In India, poachers ruthlessly ... Read more
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“As Congress continues to mull over sweeping changes in the Endangered Species Act and the Wise Use movement continues to fight reintroduction, the future of federal intervention on behalf of ra... Read more