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In his play "Educating Rita", Russell engages his audience on several different levels. I was engaged most by the themes and emerging ideas of the play, which in themselves consist of many engaging e... Read more
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Educating Rita is an evolution of characters to discover relationships through literature. This evolution is a result of differences between characters and the changes to them that occur. Jack has a s... Read more
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"Educating Rita" by Willy Russel is an intriguing drama that explores a number of complex issues throughout its course. On the surface the play seems to deal with only the larger, more apparent issues... Read more
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In this essay, I am writing to show the way in which Russell created Rita's character as a person, who changes during the drama. In Act 1 scene 1,Rita is completely shown as a working class hairdress... Read more
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Discuss how Rita changes though the play concentrating on before and after summer school in particular Educating Rita was written in 1985 by Willy Russell. The story is set in one place at a univers... Read more