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Ecosystem An ecosystem consists of a biological community and the abiotic factors on which it relies. These factors include sunlight, water, elements, and minerals. Energy flows one way through an eco... Read more
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Ecosystems Systems are assemblages of interacting objects that are linked by transfers of energy and matter, behave in specific ways under certain conditions, and are often governed by cybernetic cont... Read more
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Does Greater Species Diversity Lead to Greater Stability in Ecosystems? Viewpoint: Yes, greater species diversity does lead to greater stability in ecosystems. Viewpoint: No, ecosystem stability may p... Read more
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Ecosystem The notion of ecosystem (or ecological system) refers to indeterminate ecological assemblages, consisting of communities of organisms and their environment. Ecosystems can vary greatly in si... Read more
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Ecosystem Living things, whether plants or animals, continually interact with their surroundings in many ways. All of the organisms in a given area, plus the nonliving things in that area like water, ... Read more
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Ecosystem The term ecosystem was coined in 1935 by the Oxford ecologist Arthur Tansley to encompass the interactions among biotic and abiotic components of the environment at a given site. It was de... Read more
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Environmental Monitoring Environmental monitoring detects changes in the health of an ecosystem and indicates whether conditions are improving, stable, or deteriorating. This quality, too large to g... Read more
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Species Population Size The population size of a particular species that can be supported in any given ecosystem depends on the resource needs—ultimately, the energy needs—of that specie... Read more