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Dune Fields Dune fields are large features of eolian or arid environments. They are associated with hot climate deserts such as the Sahara. Dune fields are not, however, exclusively restricted to thes... Read more
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Dunes Dunes are well-sorted deposits of materials by wind or water that take on a characteristic shape and that retain that general shape as material is further transported by wind or water. Desert du... Read more
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Dunes and Dune Erosion Dunes are small hills, mounds or ridges of wind-blown soil material, usually sand, that are formed in both coastal and inland areas. The formation of coastal or inland dunes r... Read more
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Sand Dune Ecology Dunes are mounds of sand that have been piled by the action of winds. The sand is usually composed of bits of minerals that have been eroded from rocks, picked up by water or winds, ... Read more