Dragon's Bait Summary
Vivian Vande Velde

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Dragon's Bait Summary

Dragon's Bait is fast-paced adventure featuring a fifteen-year-old girl and an unusual dragon. Vande Velde takes considerable care in developing both characters, making Alys a thoroughly credible girl thrown into an incredible situation, and Selendrile a mesmerizing, ominous, and mysterious dragon with the ability that only golden dragons have of being able to change into other "beasts" (he considers human beings to be "beasts," too). Alys is falsely accused of being a witch so that a greedy neighbor can steal her father's land. Her father dies during her mock trial, and she is tied to a stake on a hilltop, there to await the passing of a dragon, who is expected to eat her. She quite naturally wants revenge on the village that brought about her father's death and wrongfully condemned her to die a horrible death. She is joined in her plotting for revenge by a dragon...

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