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Divorce Marriage, the legally sanctioned and structured pairing of heterosexual couples, has long been an established practice in human civilization all over the world. Divorce, the dissolution of a m... Read more
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Divorce Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. The United States has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. In the second half of the twentieth century, attitudes toward divorce in the Uni... Read more
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Divorce Divorce is of sociological significance for several reasons. To begin, divorce rates are often seen as indicators of the health of the institution of marriage. When divorce rates rise or fall,... Read more
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Marriage and Divorce Rates Marriage and divorce rates are measures of the propensity for the population of a given area to become married or divorced during a given year. Some of the rates are quite s... Read more
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Divorce The legal termination of a marriage. The unprecedented rise in the U.S. divorce rate over the past 30 years has had significant consequences for the nation's children, over a million of... Read more
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WHEN A BRIDE AND GROOM take their wedding vows, the couple pledge to be together "till death do us part." However, in close to half of all marriages in contemporary America this does not prove to be t... Read more
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The United States has consistently led the world in the number of marriages each year, with a marriage rate roughly twice as high as those in other industrialized countries. It has also consistently l... Read more
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IN 1961, WHEN SHE was thirteen, Barbara's parents divorced. Divorce was far from being a commonplace occurrence then—in fact, Barbara remembers that she was the only one in her grade who lived i... Read more