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Democracy Democracy is one of the most important subjects in the social sciences. From the work of de Tocqueville in the early nineteenth century through the work of the best contemporary scholars, de... Read more
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Democracy Democracy poses problems for science and technology because it leads to potential conflicts between two strong sets of ethical values. Democracy prizes the ethics of inclusiveness and politi... Read more
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Democracy [addendum] It is widely agreed that democracy is a system of gov-ernment in which the people rule. Since the term "democracy" is often also used to describe nonpolitical commun... Read more
3,591 words, approx. 12 pages
Democracy Democracy is difficult to define, not only because it is vague, like so many political terms, but more importantly, because what one person would regard as a paradigm case another would deny... Read more
3,065 words, approx. 11 pages
Democracy Democracy originated in ancient Greece. The Greek words demo kratia mean rule or power (kratia) of the common people (demos). For the Greeks, to live in a democracy was to live in a politica... Read more
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Transitional Political Systems A transition is an interval between two regimes. Many political systems enter into a transition because their old regime, that is, their rules, procedures, and instituti... Read more