Daughter of Deceit Summary
Eleanor Hibbert

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Daughter of Deceit Summary

This novel is less concerned with romance and mystery and more with the forms, positive and negative, that a parent's love for a child can take. The title directs the reader to focus on Noelle as a daughter. From title to final page, the novel develops variations on the parent-child bond. The deceits practiced by Desiree, including permitting Charlie Claverham to think that he is the father of her child, are inspired by her love for Noelle and the desire that she be cared for. This seemingly harmless deception brings unhappiness to Noelle, who is prevented from marrying Roderick Claverham, Charlie's son, when she is told of her parentage.

Eventually, they are able to marry, but the sad truth is that without Desiree's well-intentioned lie, Noelle could have known her real father, Ennis Masterman, much earlier and the unhappy marriage of Roderick to Lisa Fennell could have been...

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