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Song and dance is an important part of Aboriginal Australian Culture. Culture means the knowledge and skills that one generation passes on to the next. Beliefs were passed on by dancing, talking an... Read more
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Families are the oldest and most basic of all human groups; they have been around since prehistoric times and are to be found in some form in all societies. It is difficult to find a definition for `f... Read more
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"The mainstream churches have played a significant role in the development of our nation. They have been breeding grounds for important social reforms" Discuss the contribution made by mainstream chu... Read more
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Christianity In Australia- Christianity has been present in Australian lives for many, many years starting with the first fleet's arrival in 1788 and continuing still today (eg- Christmas and Easter)... Read more
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When Australia was first colonised in 1788, it was initially planned to be a convict settlement for the criminals of the British Isle. With over 80% of the people aboard the First Fleet being convicts... Read more
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The land occupies a distinctive time and place in the cultural experience of Australians, both indigenous and non-indigenous. We see this through the works of many Australian artists. Indigenous Austr... Read more
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In our ever-changing multicultural Australian society today, we are a strong nation, composed of a great diversity of nations. Multiculturalism is the act of advocating or encouraging integration of p... Read more
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The role of women has changed dramatically during the twentieth century. The World Wars; Women's suffrage; the pill; women's liberation and equal opportunity have all been factors affecting change in ... Read more