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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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17,121 words, approx. 58 pages
BOOK III. Leaving the service of Madam de Vercellis nearly as I had entered it, I returned to my former hostess, and remained there five or six weeks; during which time health, youth, and laziness, fr... Read more
30,894 words, approx. 103 pages
BOOK XII. With this book begins the work of darkness, in which I have for the last eight years been enveloped, though it has not by any means been possible for me to penetrate the dreadful obscurity.&... Read more
20,410 words, approx. 69 pages
BOOK VI.                Hoc erat in votis:  Modus agri non ila magnus         &n... Read more
39,308 words, approx. 132 pages
BOOK IX. My impatience to inhabit the Hermitage not permitting me to wait until the return of fine weather, the moment my lodging was prepared I hastened to take possession of it, to the great amuseme... Read more
17,427 words, approx. 59 pages
BOOK II. The moment in which fear had instigated my flight, did not seem more terrible than that wherein I put my design in execution appeared delightful.  To leave my relations, my resources, w... Read more
287,101 words, approx. 958 pages
INTRODUCTION. Among the notable books of later times-we may say, without exaggeration, of all time—­must be reckoned The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau.  It deals with leading per... Read more
21,299 words, approx. 71 pages
BOOK V. It was, I believe, in 1732, that I arrived at Chambery, as already related, and began my employment of registering land for the king.  I was almost twenty-one, my mind well enough formed... Read more