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Computers, Use Of The earliest human spaceflights were guided by navigational computers on the ground; there was no onboard computation. But starting with project Gemini, computers have been an essent... Read more
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Digital Computing There are two basic data transfer and communication systems in computing technology—digital and analog. Analog systems have continuous input and output of data, while digital ... Read more
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Computers: the Dawn of a Revolution Overview By the end of the twentieth century, computers could be found in devices from wristwatches to automobiles, from medical equipment to children's toys... Read more
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Analog Vs. Digital Computing Digital computers calculate by manipulating binary digits (bits; ones and zeroes). Because bits are so simple to handle they can be made easily to stand for almost anythin... Read more
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Computer, Digital The digital computer is a programmable electronic device that processes numbers and words accurately and at enormous speed. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from th... Read more
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Computers What makes computers so powerful is that they can process very quickly. This computing power is very useful in physics and science. Traditionally there are theoretical physicists and experim... Read more
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Computers in Education Electronic devices used to enhance, facilitate, or support learning activities. Since the 1980s, computers have been widely available in schools, libraries, and a growing percen... Read more