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Cold War Mobilization Between 1946 and 1991, America's rivalry with the Soviet Union spurred the longest continuous wartime mobilization—or state of military readiness—in U.S. his... Read more
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Cold War Novels and Movies Beyond their value as artistic expression or entertainment, novels and movies are cultural records that reflect a society's views and values. During the Cold War (194... Read more
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Multiculturalism and the Cold War America's role in the Cold War led the nation to pursue policies that eventually resulted in the rise of multiculturalism. This trend has had an increasing imp... Read more
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Popular Culture and Cold War In the years following the Second World War, American popular culture mirrored the anxieties that developed between the United States and the USSR. Although allies in the ... Read more
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Rosenberg, Hiss, Oppenheimer Cases The Cold War (1946–1991) had profound effects on American society and culture. Fresh from victory in 1945, Americans quickly disarmed and expected to focus th... Read more
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Russia-Nato Relations in the Post-Cold War World: Rethinking the Future of Collective Security The Conflict Ten west European countries joined with the United States and Canada to form NATO in 1949 as... Read more
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Cold War As the mid-twentieth century unfolded, the desire to escape Earth's atmosphere to explore space beyond reached a new height. This desire was initially stimulated by the lure of adventu... Read more
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Cold War Struggle between the Western democracies and the Eastern Communist nations was probably inevitable from the first shot fired in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Guided by one of the essential ... Read more