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Censorship: National, International Censorship is a practice that limits public access to materials, including printed text, photographs and art, music and video, or other multimedia, based on the val... Read more
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Censorship and the Regulation of Expression Modern discussions of censorship center on the legitimacy of the regulatory structures and actions through which expression and communication are governed, ... Read more
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Censorship "Censorship" is the suppression of speech or symbolic expression for reason of its message. Liberal Western constitutionalism has traditionally condemned censorship on both in... Read more
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Censorship In the strict sense, censorship refers to government suppression of specific ideas, forms of expression, or speakers. Private corporations, media conglomerates, schools, and even individual... Read more
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FROM THE BEGINNING of history, people have recognized the power of words to influence lives and shape events. Usually this power is a good thing. A free exchange of ideas has led to progress in religi... Read more
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The writer A.J. Liebling once said: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." With the advent of the Internet, however, this is no longer the case—anyone with a computer and... Read more
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“One man’s hate speech is another man’s political statement.” Charles Levendosky, Liberal Opinion Weekly, August 17, 1998 Benjamin Smith, a twenty-one-year-old member of the... Read more