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June 28th 1914 was one day that would forever change the face of the world in the twentieth century. The assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was the main trigger of the occurrence of... Read more
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Australia was affected by Japan in World War 2 in many ways including a loss in faith with Britain, their so-called "Mother Country." World War 2 was the beginning of our strong defence relationship w... Read more
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Before World War One had begun nations begin to think of themselves as witty. They had set up alliances and dug themselves into the deepest mess they had ever encountered in history. Great Britain, ... Read more
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In the European Summer of 1914, war broke out. It was the `War to End all Wars' and went for four long years. The cause of this war has been attributed to many reasons, most of which fit into the thre... Read more
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Many people believe that ww2 occurred due to Hitler. You can say Hitler was only the reflection of what German people felt towards the French and British and the existing world order. However, the c... Read more
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The Causes of the Infamous Second World War There were many factors that contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War including the Treaty of Versailles, the appeasement in Europe and th... Read more
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In light of the ongoing events that have been wracking Europe's home front, have the people of the nation ever stopped to consider what the most inlaid cause for Europe's suffering is? There is the ob... Read more
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Historians have been discussing the question of which country was most to blame for the outbreak of the Second World War since its outbreak on 3rd September 1939. At the beginning most thought that th... Read more
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The Causes of the Second World War The immediate cause of the Second World War was the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Britain and France got involved by declaring war on Germany, and so... Read more