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Carbon Cycle All life on Earth is based on carbon, the sixth element of the periodic table. The term carbon cycle refers to the movement of carbon in various forms between Earth's biogeochemica... Read more
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Carbon Cycle Carbon is an abundant element on Earth, particularly in its crust, surface waters, atmosphere, and biota. Carbon occurs in many different chemical combinations, including calcium carbonat... Read more
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Carbon Cycle The series of chemical, physical, geological, and biological changes by which carbon moves through the Earth's air, land, water, and living organisms is called the carbon cycle. Carbon ma... Read more
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Carbon Cycle Carbon is a basic element in all organic compounds that cycles in the ecosystem between inorganic and organic form. The ocean contains about ninety-eight percent of inorganic carbon while... Read more
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Carbon Cycle Carbon makes up no more than 0.27% of the mass of all elements in the universe and only 0.0018% by weight of the elements in the earth's crust. Yet, its importance to living organi... Read more