Captain Blood: His Odyssey Summary
Rafael Sabatini

Everything you need to understand or teach Captain Blood (novel) by Rafael Sabatini.

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Captain Blood: His Odyssey Summary

For Peter Blood, scholar and doctor, the quest for justice is not an idle or abstract discussion. He is confronted with injustice of the most terrible kind: slavery. The terrible irony is that he is sentenced for performing an act of compassion, healing the wounded after a battle. "My business, my lord, was with his wounds, not his politics," he tells the judges. But bloody Lord Jeffreys, the King's judicial representative, will have none of it. He sentences Peter Blood to work in the plantations of the New World. Utilizing his medical skills, Blood escapes the worst of the sentence, and eventually, he organizes an escape and takes to the open sea as a pirate.

America and England have long had a love-affair with the outlaw, the individual who defines himself beyond the institutions of society. In England, Robin Hood is a prime example...

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