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Bone Bone is the major component of the adult vertebrate skeleton. It is a hard connective tissue comprised of living material, including bone cells, fat cells, and blood vessels, and an inorganic mat... Read more
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Bones BONES have long been a major object of concern in burial, sacrificial, and divination practices throughout the world. Indeed, this role has been so significant that a number of theories have bee... Read more
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Bone Histophysiology Bone is an organ composed of dense, hard, and flexible connective tissue that makes up the skeletal system of the human body. The extracellular matrix of bone is made up of severa... Read more
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Bone Injury, Breakage, Repair, and Healing Bone is a living tissue that is encased in a rigid, stress-bearing frame. Both individually and together as the skeleton of vertebrate creatures, bone provid... Read more
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Bone Reabsorption Bone reabsorption is a process whereby established bone is reabsorbed into its constituent parts. This process occurs throughout life, and is a normal part of growth and aging. The p... Read more