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102,747 words, approx. 343 pages
STATE PROSECUTIONS. The Englishman who, however well inclined to defer to the wisdom “of former ages,” should throw a glance at the stern realities of the past, as connected with the histo... Read more
112,137 words, approx. 374 pages
PART II.     “Have I not in my time heard lions roar?       Have I not heard the sea, puft up with wind,      Rage like... Read more
104,976 words, approx. 350 pages
THE TRANSLATOR’S PREFACE. The English mania for travelling, which supplies our continental neighbours with such abundant matter for wonderment and witticism, is of no very recent date.  Now... Read more
98,805 words, approx. 330 pages
ETHIOPIA[1] [1] The Highlands of Ethiopa. by Major W. Cornwallis Harris, H.E.  I.C.  Engineers. 3 vols. From the various circumstances of our day, the impression is powerfully made upon inte... Read more
105,358 words, approx. 352 pages
THE PRACTICE OF AGRICULTURE Skilful practice is applied science.  This fact is illustrated in every chapter of the excellent and comprehensive work now before us [1]. In a previous article, (see ... Read more
109,167 words, approx. 364 pages
ADVENTURES IN TEXAS. No. 1. A scamper in the prairie of Jacinto. Reader!  Were you ever in a Texian prairie?  Probably not. I have been; and this was how it happened.  When a very young... Read more
114,441 words, approx. 382 pages
DUMAS IN ITALY.     [Souvenirs de Voyage en Italie, par Alexandre Dumas. 5 vols. duod.] France has lately sent forth her poets in great force, to travel, and to write travels.&nbsp... Read more