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Norma Klein

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Bizou Summary

Bizou is the story of two weeks in the life of Eliane, a thirteen-year-old girl whose American mother is a freespirited black fashion model in Paris, and whose deceased father was a French photojournalist Bizou, Eliane's nickname, relates in first-person narrative the events and her thoughts during this brief, but fateful period.

The novel opens as Bizou and her mother, Tranquility, travel from their home in Paris to the United States.

Although her mother is an American, Bizou has never been to America and has never met any of her mother's family. On the plane, they get to know Nicholas, their medical student seatmate, who agrees to show them the sights in New York City. When TranPhoto of Norma Klein by Matthew Miles.

quility suddenly disappears on their third day in New York, Nicholas becomes Bizou's reluctant caretaker. The rest of the story centers on this unlikely duo's...

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