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Bingo Summary

Perhaps chief among the social concerns of Bingo is what Brown's narrator and main character Nicole calls her "Blue Dot theory." According to the theory, if all women in the world who had experimented with homosexual love were to awaken with blue dots on their foreheads, most of us would have them. The intensity of the blue, however, would indicate the depth of the lesbian inclination of each woman. Nicole speculates that her dot would be deep aqua and goes on to demonstrate through an affair with her best friend's husband that, avowed lesbian that she is, she is capable of heterosexual love.

According to Nicole's theory — and, one presumes, Brown's — most women fall along a continuum somewhere between navy blue (absolutely homosexual) and no dots at all (absolutely heterosexual).

Closely allied with that theory is Brown's enthusiastic optimism about people's ability...

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