Between the Assassinations Summary
Adiga, Aravind

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Between the Assassinations Overview

Aravind Adiga's collection of short stories, Between the Assassinations, is an intricately woven piece that delights in showing the nature of a small town in India. Within these stories readers are taken through back alleys and busy streets to discover the hidden treasures and issues of Kittur. Within this collection a small boy named Keshava becomes enamored with the race of the town buses; a journalist stalks the town at night, unearthing the true history of the town that lies dormant during the day; a poor man named Chenayya struggles to break free of his oppressive job that is slowly killing him. Adiga draws readers in, making them care about the characters and creating realistic fiction that borders on the cusp of true reality. By examining the thoughts, emotions and motives of the characters, Adiga gives readers insights into the corruption of India, the plight of the poor and the effects of many other factors on a country steeped in tradition.

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