Bedford Square Summary
Anne Perry

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Bedford Square Summary

Men and women in positions of trust in Victorian London took honor and personal reputation seriously. Any hint of dishonesty or cowardice would ruin that person's reputation and threaten his/her professional and social status. These were people of privilege, members of the aristocracy. The commoner valued his reputation no less.

His word was his bond. Thomas Pitt and Charlotte understand the code of honor and all that it means to the blackmail victims. Sargent Tellman represents the prejudice against members of the upper middle class held by many of the working class.

The six men who are being blackmailed seem to have nothing in common except their upper middle-class status and membership in the Jessop Club for Gentlemen, one of several such clubs to which each man belongs. Each is threatened by an event from the past, distant enough to make it difficult or impossible to disprove...

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